Release Notes

Entries: 1675 (Update date: 19 May 2022)


Version 1.4 (Release date: 21 April 2022) The pathfinder service for determining migration maps of the working ions has started its work. The service allows you to determine the migration maps of the working ion in crystals.

Version 1.3 (Release date: 14 November 2020) The visualization of crystal structures was added.

Version 1.2 (Release date: 08 August 2020) Added possibility to download CIF files for the entries. Added entries IDs and implemented search by them.

Version 1.1 (Release date: 13 July 2020) New types of References — Patent, ISBN, Link. Search by ICSD code, new option for advanced search — number of elements. Team page and a feedback form for gathering data from users, and a sticky div for easy navigation in the spreadsheet.

Version 1.0 (Release date: 14 April 2020) The first release.